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Ongoing Projects

A Delicate Agreement: Exploring Subtle Gaze-Triggered Interaction in Art
A Development Framework for Peripheral Awareness
A Spatial Probability Model for Multi-Surface Environments
Awkward Embodiments: Proxemic Effects of Different Arm Avatars
Bridging Private and Shared Interaction Surfaces in Collocated Groupware
C4: A Creative-Coding API for Media, Interaction and Animation
Collaborative Diagramming for Ideation Sessions
Constructive Visualization
Designing for Disconnection in Synchronous Groupware
Engaging Institutionalized Older Adults Through Surface-Based Exergames
Gamification for Surface Tasks
GAMS: A Game Framework for Multi-Surface Environments
Improving Awareness of Automated Actions using an Interactive Event Timeline
Inexpensive Full-coverage Displays for the Office and Home
Investigating Attraction and Engagement of Animation on Large Interactive Walls in Public Areas
JunctionBox: A Multi-touch Interaction Mapping Toolkit for Creating Musical Interfaces
Large Display Information Visualization in Public Spaces
Lifecycles of Diagrams and Sketches in Software Development
OneSpace: Shared Depth-based Video Interaction
Player Balancing Techniques for Games
Promoting Cross-Generational Play during Remote Tabletop Gaming through Asymmetry
Proxemity-Based Universal Remote Controllers
Social Innovation Game
Standards-Based Web Technologies for Real-Time Groupware
Supporting Handoff Above the Table
Surface-Based Games for Education and Exercise
Tabletop Board Game Framework
The Bohemian Bookshelf: Supporting Serendipitous Book Discoveries and Open-ended Exploration of Digital Library Collections
The DiscoTech Toolkit
The Subtle Approach: Proxemic Interactions with Gradual Engagement and F-Formations
The World as a Surface: Storing Digital Objects in Real-World Landmarks
Transmogrifiers: Casual Manipulation of Visualizations
UltraLux: Low-Resolution Full-Coverage Room Displays
Using a Surface to Facilitate Game Orchestration
Using Synthesized Audio to Improve Workspace Awareness in Distributed Groupware
Visits: A Spatiotemporal Visualization of Location Histories

Completed Projects