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WAMS: A Web Application Framework for Multi-Surface Environments

This is a completed project.

Today, we are surrounded by interactive surfaces, including mobile phones, smart watches, tablets and large touch screen 

displays. These new devices are changing the way in which we interact with computer applications. However, most of these applications are only designed to work with a single device at a time. This is largely because it is very difficult for programmers to build applications that allow devices to work together as part of a single application. This means there are many types of applications and many new interaction possibilities that have not yet been fully explored, because the basic infrastructure to enable applications that span surfaces is not available. To address this problem, we have created a framework for building multi-surface applications called WAMS (a Web Application framework for Multi-Surface applications). WAMS reduces the complexity of building multi-surface applications by allowing programmers to focus on application logic rather than on the underlying infrastructure that is needed to allow surface devices to communicate and coordinate. WAMS is a working framework that can be used to rapidly create new multi-surface applications and interactions. 


WAMS Repo on Github