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Carl Gutwin

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Ongoing Projects

A Development Framework for Peripheral Awareness
Awkward Embodiments: Proxemic Effects of Different Arm Avatars
Designing for Disconnection in Synchronous Groupware
Gamification for Surface Tasks
GAMS: A Game Framework for Multi-Surface Environments
Inexpensive Full-coverage Displays for the Office and Home
Player Balancing Techniques for Games
Reference Architecture for Multi-Surface Environments
Standards-Based Web Technologies for Real-Time Groupware
Supporting Handoff Above the Table
The DiscoTech Toolkit
The World as a Surface: Storing Digital Objects in Real-World Landmarks
Ubiquitous Cursor: Direct Cursor Feedback for Multi-Display Environments
UltraLux: Low-Resolution Full-Coverage Room Displays
Using Synthesized Audio to Improve Workspace Awareness in Distributed Groupware
Visualization of Complex Version-Based Collaborative Processes

Completed Projects